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          Diallyl dimethyl ammonium chl..
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    Product name:

    Two ethyl toluene two amine (DETDA, E-100)

    English name:

    Diethyl methyl benzene diamine (Ethancure100)
    The molecular formula: C11H18N2

    Molecular weight:


    Structure type:

    No. CAS: 68479-98-1

    The quality of the products:

    Product appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
    Content: ≥ 98% (GC)
    Among them:
    3,5- two -2,4- two ethyl toluene amine (GC): 75.5-81.0%
    3,5- two -2,6- two ethyl toluene amine (GC): 18.0-20.0%
    Other alkyl amine impurities: 0.5~2.0%
    Moisture: ≤ 0.1%

    Product use:

    The product is equivalent to Ethancure 100 and Lonza DETDA 80, DETDA polyurethane elastomer chain extender is very effective; also can be used as a polyurethane and epoxy resin curing agent, epoxy resin, antioxidant, industrial oil and lubricants. In addition, also can be used as intermediates in organic synthesis.

    Package and storage:

    Net weight 200Kg/ galvanized iron drum.

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